Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Now I'm not a germa-phob but...

Now I'm not a germa-phob but the handlebars of a shopping cart are DIS-GUS-TING, say it with me sisters, DISGUSTING! So yesterday I went grocery shopping with my little Mallory who can now sit in the cart...second time trying...she's 9 months old this upcoming weekend so we're getting a little bold!

I have a cart wrap protection device..with a cute mirror on the back (how pray tell does she play with that?) toys on the front and no instructions. Lucky me, Natalie, my 7 year old (7 1/2 sorry) was with me and hooked us up. Literally, it was strapped to the cart, she was strapped to the cart on and on...we shopped, she was happy (yeah!) - of course she was happy she's always happy!

And since I was being thrifty and was at Aldi's (is Aldi's everywhere? they're BIG in KC and they're discount heaven) - where I have to bag my own groceries (yes, i forgot the recycle bags, AGAIN) and they throw all items from cart A (where mallory is happily smiling) into cart B (sans Mallory) I had to unstrap the baby protector from cart A and reattach it to Cart B.

Bright Idea Mommy decided to move the baby in the protector at one time to save time (people behind me, not going to keep cooing at baby for long). Well, I unstrapped the protector and not the baby, tugged her in the seatbelt and ended up disassembling the device, removing the baby, placing said baby in cart B, paying and then, yes, while I bagged groceries, reattached protector and replaced baby because EVERYTHING goes in her mouth, ick ick ick.

Why the trouble? My friend Jennifer's little gal got a strange infection requiring a surgical procedure from quite possibly a cart. (throw up in my mouth, UGH). NO THANK YOU!!!! So, Sorry Aldis I don't think all your customers are disgusting, I'm just not willing to take the chance.

...And we're travelling on a plane soon, can you imagine the fun our fellow passengers will have with us if this is how we are in a grocery line!!!

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  1. So, I think the mirror on the back is if the baby is in a carseat in the back or something. I really don't know. I totally forgot about that happening with Alex! Scary! An old daycare lady thinks her son got an eye infection from the toys at the doctor office of all places.


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