Thursday, February 4, 2010

That's someone else's job, thanks so much!

How hard will you work to make your kids laugh? I remember an interview with Jerry Seinfeld where that was his everyday goal...and they were a tough audience whose pay-off was priceless. We will do just about anything silly to make our little independent adorablist Mallory laugh. And by the way, Hello! someome forgot to tell her she doesn't have to be moving and shaking at such a fast pace. She figured out how to propel herself forward (or at times pivot herself around) and she is no longer the BABY...that's someone else's job now, thanks so much!

So, here's conversation...can someone let the dog in and put your coats on to leave. Ummm, no one is letting the dog in, let the dog in! "i'm getting my coat on...." was one response...others, silence...perfect scenario for gave us another job so the dog is NOT MY JOB!

Can you pick up the paper on the floor, clean up the mess on the table, grab that toy you just stepped on? Classic response, "I didn't leave it there/I didn't make that mess..." Okay, but when I clean your undies, help you with homework, make your dinner and clean up after you, that's not my stuff so NOT MY JOB...perhaps that will last a half-second in the REAL WORLD! I don't care if it isn't your job! (sounding more like my mother every day!) - do you watch The Middle? It is on Wed. night abc tv next to Modern classic - wrong family!!

Perhaps I should try, that's not my job at work...say I'm making copies and the machine runs out of paper and I ask a co-worker to refill it, cause it's not my job! not such a good idea, way too much room for retaliation (which is why at home stuff DOES get done!!!).

So Ken's bakery is being bought by a bigger bakery, let's hope he keeps going to work and hearing that's his job! - so far so sucessful but you never know...

alright, audience participation....leave me comments about what's not YOUR job!!! or your favorite That's not my job story!

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