Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I TOTALLY fell asleep while writing, could you tell?

HA! I TOTALLY fell asleep while writing last night. WAY FUNNY! I think I stopped mid-sentence! Do you remember high school and college when your writing got "funky" across the bottom of the page! If you could do that on a keyboard, last night would have looked like this asfsdaf wetrtgqwggtgg dddddddddddddddddddd jf;'akte3444awtw                 ...you KNOW what I'm saying!

not much else to add at the moment...we shall see - now I'm bright-eyed and bushy tailed...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Washing machine is the only sound I hear!

So I'm supposed to be reading The Me I Want to Be" by John Ortberg...and our "facilitator" sent out a note that we should focus on one "thrive" thing this week....or maybe that's what I remember at 11 pm...so I SHOULD be reading the book but instead, I'm writing on my BLOG!!! cause I love to write but never pause long enough to do it...

I never realized how many perks you can get when you go the grocery store with the cutest baby EVER....when the girls were younger we were a "pack" and I don't wear a wedding ring so I appeared as if I was a single-mom with too many kids and doesn't she know what causes that - SO no one was oo-ing and aah-ing over my crew quite the same way. AND they DEFINITELY weren't handing us slices of cheese and turkey "for the baby." - I like to shop alone but HOW COOL WAS THAT?!!! snacks in the store without opening any packages! amazing!! I might have to bring this girl more places!

Miss Maisey is losing her little kid/kindergartner looks and is turning into an official "big girl". Her role as pecan in the school play was definitely funny and dramatic - exactly what we'd expect from her.
She is the baby patrol. NOTHING bad can happen to Mallory while Maisey is on "watch." She would pad Mallory's life with pillows if she could, walk her around on a toddler-leash, take all pointy edges

time for sleep more later!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

That's someone else's job, thanks so much!

How hard will you work to make your kids laugh? I remember an interview with Jerry Seinfeld where that was his everyday goal...and they were a tough audience whose pay-off was priceless. We will do just about anything silly to make our little independent adorablist Mallory laugh. And by the way, Hello! someome forgot to tell her she doesn't have to be moving and shaking at such a fast pace. She figured out how to propel herself forward (or at times pivot herself around) and she is no longer the BABY...that's someone else's job now, thanks so much!

So, here's conversation...can someone let the dog in and put your coats on to leave. Ummm, no one is letting the dog in, let the dog in! "i'm getting my coat on...." was one response...others, silence...perfect scenario for kidland...mom gave us another job so the dog is NOT MY JOB!

Can you pick up the paper on the floor, clean up the mess on the table, grab that toy you just stepped on? Classic response, "I didn't leave it there/I didn't make that mess..." Okay, but when I clean your undies, help you with homework, make your dinner and clean up after you, that's not my stuff so NOT MY JOB...perhaps that will last a half-second in the REAL WORLD! I don't care if it isn't your job! (sounding more like my mother every day!) - do you watch The Middle? It is on Wed. night abc tv next to Modern Family...so classic - wrong family!!

Perhaps I should try, that's not my job at work...say I'm making copies and the machine runs out of paper and I ask a co-worker to refill it, cause it's not my job! not such a good idea, way too much room for retaliation (which is why at home stuff DOES get done!!!).

So Ken's bakery is being bought by a bigger bakery, let's hope he keeps going to work and hearing that's his job! - so far so sucessful but you never know...

alright, audience participation....leave me comments about what's not YOUR job!!! or your favorite That's not my job story!

Monday, January 18, 2010

if you can't remember your password, you waited too long to update your blog!

Geesh!!!! seriously, like we have nothing of note going on over here at the land of the ladies!!! I seriously can't remember my username and password EVER...which is why I don't update my blog like I should...(like that one?!)

warp speed...moved into new home, quite sure it is double size of old home, yippee.
7 year old turned 8, 6 year old turned 7, no year old turned 1 and decided walking should be a part of her life....no, i'm not kidding, yes, I did place her for extended periods in her playpen, yes the sisters DO carry her around...yep, she did it anyway...go figure.

so far no letters have been sent home requesting the girls' not return to their new classrooms. AND so far no letters have arrived at home thanking us from removing girls from old classrooms. PFFFEWWW!

The Wii has taken over our home. i apparently need to either speed warp to 50 or stand on my head daily to develop the balance needed to come within 20 years of my actual factual age. the good part is that the girls now have skills to hit soccer balls with their heads, slollum race down hills, super jump, and hoola with 7 hoops around their necks. OHHH THE TALENT!!!

Here's my misquoted quote of the month, "god is good all the time but mother nature has a fussy temper."

My dog, all 6 pounds of her is OBSESSED with the invisible non-existent visitors outside in the middle of the night. i'm considering turning back on the house alarm just so i can ignore her for sure and sleep sleep sleep!!!

What other nonesense is there to share??? not sure but next time I'll not wait so long so we can talk about something specific....(hahaha, we know better than that!)

Until next time, Think pink! Hear squeals! Laugh Lots!!!

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