Monday, August 31, 2009

'bout time, right?

Hi! Bout time I wrote another blog, right? You've been missing what I have to say, I'm quite sure. My audience as I like to call you has been checking back religiously for what, the same pictures, no new stories and well, truth be told, its been a little BORING...

Now that I've figured out how to log back into my blog, life is a matter of fact, my friend Alison at has been outblogging me by a book...haha!

School is back in session, for that Ken and sleeplyand are grateful.

Mallory is pulling up in her bed and thinks she's going where? I'm not sure because I fixed her today! I lowered her crib. Which, by the way, have you lowered a crib side lately? Yeah, not fun!!! Natalie and I worked on the crib (she's 7) while Maisey (she's 6) "babysat" the baby on my bed...which is scary - your one job is to NOT let the baby roll off my bed...sounds easy, not when you're more distracted than me!!!

Soccer is in full swing and by that, it is truly a part time plus job. this past weekend friday to sunday we had 5 games and a practice. Natalie scored a goal, you go girl! Maisey fought her teamates for the ball and won, next time score then they won't be so upset! And Nora (9) took a dive at being the goalie - in her first game since first grade...nothing like kicking it into high gear!

I'm feeling like a nervous school kid because there is a life group I really think would be a good match for our family...busy families trying to juggle schedules and life taking time to study and live and get to know each other...sounds like a good one for us! AND they're studying a book by Andy Stanley and that deserves a blog all on its own. SOOOO with 4 kids we need them to have enough space for us and to be the kind of group we mesh with etc, prayer matters!!!

I am moved to pray for families who are struggling through the unimaginable. Not sure in the past couple of weeks how many times I've heard of sick children/babies with cancer. Unimaginable. All I know how to do is pray. I don't have a talent for people with sickness or with loved ones who pass away I am tongue-tied and don't know what to do or say, but I do know how to pray. Strength will rise...

So my baby Mallory needs a baby friend!!! If you know any 8 month olds still searching for that perfect (well Mallory is perfect) playmate, we can schedule a meeting and interview session to ascertain whether that baby is to our liking...must like pooping, eating, babbling, pulling hair and scooting on the floor. fresh and clean is nice but not required.

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