Monday, September 28, 2009

i heard today of a 34, mom, wife, cancer battler

i just heard that a friend's wife is now battling stage 3 breast cancer and i don't even know what to say, i just can imagine a fraction of how she must feel.

Oh women, aren't we all so secure in our lives? Our beautiful babies, our lovely girls and boys growing so quickly, our petty spats with our husbands, the hugs, the kisses, the laughter, the joy.

SCREEEECCCCHHHHHHHH. Halt it right there! So you thought you were protected? You're actively nursing your little baby RIGHT now. You've been a good mom to your kiddos and you're still YOUNG, RIGHT?

Excuse me, I mustn't have heard you right. I have mastitis, not cancer. I have a clogged duct, not cancer. What are you talking about cancer? I just had a baby. That's why I'm tired. That's why I don't feel good, it is hormones. These hormones are so tough, especially after a fifth baby. I'll just stay in bed today, then I'll feel better. Right?

Ladies, we're not safe. We're not protected. We don't have to have a history of sickness. We don't need big "signs" - cancer doesn't care who we are or what we have going on. All it needs is a little hiccup in our health and there it is. And we have to change. Our whole life has to change. Our confidence is gone. Our knowing is gone. Our plans are gone. But our will is still there.

Our will is still holding on, willing us, teaching us, begging us to survive because we're loved and we're needed and we want to hold on and fight.

So pray, pray for the mom, the 34 year old mom with the new baby and 4 big brothers and sisters and a loving husband who wish her well. Send this on to your friends to pray for her to and their friends and on and on because she could be us.

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