Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mornings...oh mornings!

Our big accomplishment: we've successfully mastered (and at our house this DOES deserve the word master) getting out the door in the morning 4 of the 5 days a week without a total meltdown...on time...with smiles...AMAZING! Why we don't serve coffee to elementary schoolers is BEYOND me! I don't like to function without caffeine and early...think about 3 girls in the bathroom AT THE SAME TIME, choosing outfits - they care at this age...believe me, they care! Seriously, if it isn't the color, how things coordinate (which has NOTHING to do with how we the parents think things SHOULD coordinate), how they feel (nothing like the scratchiest for my girls apparently), how warm it is outside, how cold it is outside, the lack of socks, wrong sized undies, that is MY shirt mom NOT hers, what i think fits them funny compared to what they think fits them funny, we don't have anything going...I forgot they all have hair too...let's see, the longer the tanglier, we're growing out bangs with a hatred for hair clips (oh yeah, momma it is shaggy baggy even with a new haircut), and styles only a girl developing her sense of self can create...BIG BREATH!!! that's what our mornings need...new credo: CALM AND GENTLE!!! (Crazy and Great according to Natalie)...ut oh now i'm running late...more later!

'09 just in time!

This is our year!!! I'm so excited about all the fun we're having in '09. the girls are at a great pace, baby mallory is here in full force and the fun has just begun!

Stats of the house:

Nora: 8 11/12s (way past 8 1/2)...3rd grader...brownie...newly starting gymnastics, and hopeful gecko owner

Natalie: 7 1/2...1st grader...soccer player...daisy...newly starting softball player

Maisey: 6...kindergartener...daisy...newly starting soccer player...gymnastics hopeful

Mallory: 10 weeks...daycare attender...smiler and coo-er...rolling hopeful

all girls: cheerleader wannabe's!

Tiffany: 32 1/2...mommy...window worker...ladies group attender...jazzerciser...clean house keeper wannabe!

Ken: 36 1/2...daddy...baker (ok he wishes, really they don't let him touch the ovens)...daytime sleeper (gotta give him something, poor guy!)...hobby searcher

Now that doesn't even begin to cover the PERSONALITY of our house. Big, bold, bright, beautiful, boisterous and so so fun.

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